Date: 5/14/2013 Album ID: 1660111
Photos by Charles Barnes
What: Rungolee Exclusive Fashion Show Where: Ladue When: May 14, 2013 Why: The debut of the new Rungolee spring line. Who: Anjali Kamra Highlights: With a portions of the proceeds going to the St. Louis Ballet and CAM, it was a stunning spring evening in Ladue for an outdoor fashion show introducing the new spring line of Anjali Kamra's label, Rungolee.
Sarla Khanna, Anjali Kamra, Swaran Kamra
Ann Perry, Pam Trapp, Kathleen Rogers, Anjani Charhan
Linda Peterson, Karen Baranski
Pam Trapp, Cynthia Dressel
Diana Dietl, Susie Hindupur
Shelly Baizer, Ann Perry
Susan Sherman, Diana Ford, Kathe Spence Myer
Ellen Soule, Katie Yeadon
Debra Bass, Amanda Cook
Lisa Carnahan, Nancy Yawitz
Suzanne Johnson, Susanna Danforth
Jacob Garrett, Tiffany Mori, Michael McGonnegal
Suzy Bacino, Laurie Garland
Atul Kamra, Emily Pulitzer
Polly Bade, Elizabeth Buchanan, Lindsey Hogan, Reshma Chamberlin
Suzy Bacino, Jan Givens, Paula Reed
Runway Model
Runway Model
Runway Model
Runway Model
Runway Model
Runway Models
Susan Sherman, Anjali Kamra
Chrissy Hill Rogers, Lisa Melandri, Unitey Kull